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Tigers v Bears. This is all you need to know.

Last Friday we called the meeting of Doosan Bears v Kia Tigers in Gwangju as a game neither team could afford to lose. The Tigers lost, emphatically, and then surrendered their lead at the summit of the table after Sunday’s demoralizing 5-0 loss to Hanwha Eagles.

The Bears had clawed back a seemingly impossible 13 games and as the teams get ready for one final push, everything is swinging in favour of the champions. The Tigers have more games left (6 to 4) so in theory, first place is still in their hands. But given how badly they’re doing on the field, Kia probably want fewer games right now. Doosan, meanwhile, have won 6 straight.

Here’s a look at the current standings, with thanks to our friends at


A very mediocre 2 months for the Tigers finally resulted in them dropping from first to second. They have an almost identical record with the Bears, which is always fun after almost 144 games played.

Doosan don’t play on Tuesday, Kia do.


So Kia Tigers will play LG Twins at home. Going for them is their excellent Tuesday record and also that 18-win leftie Yang Hyeon-jeong takes to the mound.

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